Next champion after Sylas leak!

NoMercy, the Players Nightmare (Passive) F*ck you: After using an ability, NoMercys next basic attack causes an explosion around her, dealing damage and knocking up enemies. Enemies beneath 50% hp takes bonus true damage. (Q) Try to catch me, noobs: NoMercy dashes a distant, dealing damage to enemies based on their max hp, and stuns them. NoMercy may reactive the ability to dash within the dash, and deals bonus damage based in the enemies missing hp. NoMercy may cast the intitall dash twice before going on cooldown. (W) Sona is trash: NoMercy shoots a beam of energy in a straight line, dealing true damage to all enemies hit. NoMercy heals and shields herself if it hits an enemy. The heal and shield increases as she hits multiple enemies. (E) Assassins wet dream: NoMercy becomes true stealthed for 10 seconds. Dealing damage briefly reveals her. When leaving the true stealth, she gets 50% armor penetration for 5 seconds. (R) Duel me to death: NoMercy instantly kills all minions on the map, teleports herself and an enemy to the middle of the map, and freezes everyone else in place. Neither NoMercy or her enemy may leave the middle before one of them is dead. When either of them dies, minions starts spawning and everyone may move again. If NoMercy kills the enemy, her next two basic attacks against turrets instantly destroys them.
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