Posting Images and Gifs on the Boards

[]( #Still images: * For most images, simply find your image online, right click and copy the URL, and paste that into your post. * If you wish to upload an image from your own computer, upload it somewhere online first, such as [Imgur]( Note that if for any reason the image is not being linked correctly, you can copy the image url, paste it into[](, and then use the newly created imgur version for the boards. * Note: Not all image hosting sites support this feature. If the image is from S-media-cache for example it will not work. If you make a post and the image doesn’t work, make sure that you upload the image to Imgur and edit your post. If the image cannot link correctly, your thread may be removed as spam. * For imgur images, make sure to add [/img] to the end of the URL and it should center properly. Example of what it should look like:[/img] ------------------------- #Gifs: * For most gifs, simply find your gif online, right click and copy the Image Address/URL, and paste that into your post. ##Imgur gifs: * Similar to still images, imgur is the best place to post gifs from. You can upload your gif to imgur just like with still images. There are two types of gifs from imgur, those ending in .gifv and those ending in .gif * If the URL ends in .gifv then you can just leave it as is and it will post to the boards. If the post ends in .gif however you need to add [/img] to the end of the URL. * Sometimes an imgur gif may end in .mp4. These do not work on the boards as they are a video file. You need to change the .mp4 to .gifv for it to work. * Sometimes an imgur gif may be too large and won't post correctly. This is a simple fix, just add a v to turn the .gif into .gifv * Note that .gifv only works on imgur gifs, not gifs from any other website. Example:[/img] ##Giphy gifs: If you decide to paste it from giphy, you need to take the following steps: * right click and copy the Image Address/URL, and paste that into your web browser. It will most likely take you to a page that looks like this:[/img] * Notice the giphy frame around it. If it has this frame it cannot link to the boards with that URL. What you need to do is from this version right click it, and press “Copy image address”. Paste this into your post. Note that at the end of the URL the “.webp” suffix. Delete this and replace it with .gif. The gif will now post correctly. Example: This will **not ** work:[/img] But this **will ** work:[/img] * Note that once you have this correct address, you can paste it into []( and upload it there. The benefit to this is if you wish to post this gif again in the future, you can just use the imgur version and not need to go through all those steps again. ---------------------- #Making a thumbnail that is different from the thread’s actual content: If you place an image link in hyperlink parenthesis but keep the area between the brackets empty, the image won't be visible from within the thread. Make sure that you include this at the very top of your thread, before any text or other images, as the first image listed will be the thumbnail. Example:[/img][/img] Any questions about formatting? Feel free to comment here and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can! --Melledoneus
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