Trying to think of A One Trick account... Easier Said than Done Brain: {{champion:92}} is on Sale... You can play her Jungle and Top Me: I suck at her and Raptorkarr mains her Brain: You'll start with noobs... And you don't even play with Raptor, plus you've seen what one-tricks can do with her Me: When they aren't flaming like hell... And the community would hate me... More. Brain: what about {{champion:104}}, you have 3 lane choices and no one you directly know mains him Me: True... But he's not on sale and I also suck as him Brain: You'll learn, and you've bought stupider shit before and again, skill leads to glory! Brain: {{champion:238}} or {{champion:120}}, you'll be awesome with them I'm sure Me: I've never played the horse man... Both are banned often and Both only uave **1** Meta role... Plus Zed is being updates too. Brain: IT'S A SMURF, SAY FUCK THE META AND GIVE NO SHITS Me: I'M NOT TYLER1, I CARE ABOUT MY TEAM! *help me*
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