Volibear is Just an Overweight Warwick, hear me out.

I have been thinking long and hard about this for the past few weeks, and I have come to the conclusion that Warwick is just a slim version of Volibear. **Hear me out:** I decided to create some spec's on both of the champions to help show how similar they are, and to support my comparison. **Warwick **({{champion:19}}) : _-Does Weight Watcher's and has frequently been on a Medifast diet -He can suppress player's because he has lost the weight to be fast enough to -He can bite people (Just like Volibear!) -Has Fur -Runs faster on all four's because he is slimmer -He can leap really far (Volibear can't because he's fat) -Small boi roar_ **Volibear** ({{champion:106}}) : _-Does not watch his weight (clearly) -He can't suppress people because he is too slow -He flips people because he has the strength to be able to (Warwick can't because he a skinny boi) -He has big boi roar -Has Fur -He can bite people (Just like Warwick!) -He doesn't gain movement speed when someone is low on hp because he is so fat and doesn't need to hunt more people_ This is just a small list of their similarities, but there are many more, and the resemblances are uncanny. Please discuss.
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