Downvote this post (4 real this time)

Okay last time this didn’t work and I got like 9 upvotes so I’m gunna add some offensive stuff so I get downvoted this time DARIUS NEEDS BUFFS FNATIC IS TRASH AHRI NEEDS A NEW SKIN I GOT PERMABANNED NERF RYZE RIOT IS DUMB KYS SHOULD NOT BE A NO TOLERANCE FRASE TEEMO IS NOT ANNOYING TARIC IS NOT GAY okay that should work {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} Guess I need to try harder wow TARIC DOES NOT TRULY LOVE EZREAL MWAHAHA that will work Still not working?!?! OKAY TIME TO LIST SOME OF MY MAINS {{champion:164}} {{champion:51}} top against melee champs {{champion:203}} top {{champion:142}} {{champion:240}} full ad {{champion:39}} MUCH BETTER {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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