I combined two of my most hated champions into one.

[Tada!](https://imgur.com/qVQtrgL) What am I going to call it? Yuke? Pyumi? Whatever. Pyke/Yuumi for now. I thought it would be underwhelming if I leave it at just that, so let's do an extra step and combine their kits as well. **Passive:** Pyke/Yuumi can select an nearby ally champion and hop on them by clicking on them twice, becoming untargetable in the process and sharing stats with each other. While attached, Pyke/Yuumi grant their ally a shield and restore some mana to them. While attached, Pyke/Yuumi also heal back any damage they had recently taken from combat. **Q:** Pyke/Yuumi charge a hook that pulls enemy champions towards, damaging them and slowing them in the process. Pyke/Yuumi can activate this ability early to thrust at the nearest enemy champion. While attached, Pyke/Yuumi can direct the trajectory of the hook, and does not need to charge the hook beforehand. **W:** Pyke/Yuumi gain bonus movement speed and enter camouflage. They also heal back any recent damage they had taken from enemy champions. Upon exiting camouflage, Pyke/Yuumi gain bonus attack speed. While attached, Pyke/Yuumi apply those effects to their ally instead. **E:** Pyke/Yuumi dash and leave behind an afterimage. After 1 second, the afterimage returns to Pyke/Yuumi, stunning and damaging enemies it passes through. Holds 2 charges. While attached, Pyke/Yuumi apply those effects to their ally instead. **R:** Pyke/Yuumi blink and strike an area, executing enemies within it (based on level)(+bonus AD)(+%AP)(+Lethality) while also providing gold to itself and the last ally they attached to. If it does not execute enemy champions it roots them instead. If an enemy champion dies while rooted Pyke/Yuumi still provide gold to themselves and the last ally they attached to. Every execute resets the timer of this ability before it can go on cool down. Can be cast 7 times. Have fun.
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