Predicting the Types of Aphelios Players

First there is the guy that ensures this champion is at a 30% win rate all the time. This will probably make up a good portion of his player base. Second there will be the guy who thinks he is the Engineer from TF2 who will spend up all of his guns just so that they can keep using their sentry turret over and over. Then there will be that guy who builds and upgrades attack speed just because they want to see how fast they can make their chakram go back and forth between their enemies. Then there will be the mastery 7 Aphelios player who realizes they need to play around 2 guns and that getting to any particular gun is not as important as utilizing whatever combo they have at the time. Then when they want a new gun they will use up the one they want to get rid of and just use the other gun. They'll show off how broken it is to have a champion with so much inside of their kit until the champ is hot fixed and nerfed.
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