(In all seriousness) THANK YOU RIOT

Dear people on boards, please don't feel entitled to get something because the servers went down. This was out of Riot's control, and they took the time out of their lives on a** Sunday night** (or Monday morning depending on where you were) to help fix the game. This issue went on for 4-5 hours, and in that time, various Rioters worked not only diligently but **on their own time** too, as I'm assuming it isn't a normal day to work for 5 hours after you get done with work. So as you play league remember: the only reason you get to play league is because people took time out of **their** own lives to help fix the game that **you** play which they took care of relatively swiftly. **_NOW LET THE APPRECIATION MEMES BEGIN!_** **EDIT:**Since various people (as in 1 or 2, not looking at you, Things, you're great, no sarcasm intended) have been taking Memes and Games too seriously and apparently can't believe that people can be nice to each other, YES I KNOW PEOPLE GET PAID FOR THE FIXES. However, they took care of it in a timely fashion and did it late at night where I am (very early morning for most people). I do not give a damn that it is their job. A SWAT team taking care of a hostage situation is part of their job. It's expected of them. If they save hostages, they are still heroes. To a lesser extent, this applies to the game. The Rioters are still nice people for taking care of their game, even if it was just because they wanted money, which may be part of it but not the entirety. TL; DR: I know people got paid to do their job, but they did it well, so thank you Riot. And stop taking M & G so damn seriously people. It's alright to be nice to each other. Shocker. **Edit Edit:**Guys. Just come on. Be nice to everybody. This thread is a positive one. Don't go around saying "HURR DURR NOBODY KNOWS IT'S THEIR JOB I'M SO ORIGINAL." We know it's their job. We've pointed it out 2139480321 times. If you're going to go around shooting others down, League is not the place for you and please get out of our community or at least off the boards. Offer criticism. Not insults. Also, first post on the screen when I checked boards! I'm so honored! And thanks for over 100 upvotes guys!
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