I offered a skin to the last player with zero deaths. He said Challenge accepted.

When there's a skin on the line you get serious.
I offer a skin sometimes to the last player with zero deaths (on either team) and when you're down to the last two it can get pretty intense sometimes hahah -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/thekingofelohell
EDIT: So a lot of people were asking: WHO WON? That was almost not decided till the very end of the game. Yasuo killed Sion. Then Sion killed Yas. It was pretty epic but I didn't record it. I awarded them both a skin Also some people were a biiiiit lazy and asked for a link to stream- so here you go: https://www.twitch.tv/thekingofelohell xD So I stream. I'm pretty new to it. Not well known and as such I try to promote myself in different ways. One thing I've had a lot of success with is to reward awesome game-play with a prize after games. At the beginning of some games I send this to all chat: "10 Immortals remain, last player with *zero** deaths becomes the White Knight of EloHeaven. Whoever manages to finally slay the White Knight becomes the Black Knight of EloHell."* Both Knights win a skin. The really cool thing about this contest is that it sets an expectation right away on both teams to play their best. As the game proceeds the number of Immortals (players still capable of winning the skins) gets lower and lower. As such- it's common that some players on a team will make 2 and 3 person ganks to 'hunt down the remaining 'Immortals'' on the other team. But. Every once in awhile I get to see a desperately AWESOME play made by one of the last remaining Immortals. In the follow minute clip Yasuo and Sion were the last Immortals. This was his struggle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoBgFc5T7FY

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