I have now discovered the scandalous secrets of some of the Rioters in Riot Games...

[](http://p6.zdassets.com/hc/settings_assets/43400/200033224/9zgv5FkKRTvvMsFEejUnXg-logo.png) Meddler- Has a mini golf course inside the drawers of his desk (it's bigger on the inside), using a Rammus ball to go around a mini summoner's Rift into an open nexus with a crystal flag on top of it. Reav3- Has hidden a cookie-scented candle behind the break room cabinets to give false hope to anybody looking for a snack. CertainlyT- Makes his cosplays in advance before he designs a champion so that he's ahead of the game. Scarizard- Picked squirtle as his starter in Pokemon FireRed. FizzEnthusiast- Is actually a Nami enthusiast. Phreak- His puns of damage are reduced by attack speed slows. JxE- Mains the engineer in TF2. If asked, he will reply with "nope." Kindlejack- Is currently requesting the team to implement a "skin to win" mechanic. Jaredan- Writes shipping fanfiction of Braum and poros in his spare time. Porocles- Proofreads Jaredan's fanfiction. Has also clogged up the Red Tracker due to the sheer amount of posting done. Ghostcrawler- Has made a separate account in every region to be that one guy who does not accept a match. Wav3Break- The top of his desk is actually a foldable, concealed surfboard that he plans to use during the summer. Riot MEMEMEMEME- Actually despises memes and has formulated a master plan to destroy them by utilitizing the break room microwave, 23 cans of whipped cream, and a fly swatter. KateyKhaos- Still has to collect 2 more chaos emeralds to achieve her final form. jinxylord- Is responsible for creating half of all the Jinx fan art on the Fan Art portal of the website, through many accounts. Groovylord- Has mysteriously gone missing during the rise of jinxylord. It may be speculation. Gipsylord- Has mysteriously gone missing during the rise of Groovylord. This, as well, may be speculation. Statikk- Accidentally created a new item in the game when he tried to manually fix the servers with a shiv. Rumors also say he is also now a superhero that uses his electric powers to ride on a flying aluminum disc. Wookiecookie- Does an amazing Chewbacca impersonation, but will never admit it. L4T3NCY- Originally designed the Practice Tool so he could alleviate the natural stress after losing ranked games by making himself a god and rampaging through the Rift. Is reluctant to share many of the features his has, such as exceeding the number limit of champions per match and changing game values such as stats, hitboxes, and ranges. Tantram- Was once considered to be the lead role of the new Expendables movie but his overwhelming badassery made the rest of the cast non-existent. RainSlight- Once tried to glue ice onto his shirt for an Anivia cosplay, but his dreams were shattered when "TrueIce" was just the brand. #EDIT: THIS JUST IN! Cactopus has been reported to have been hoarding the water bottles underneath his obnoxiously large sand pit under his desk. Some say it is the ancient habit of his cactus-kind. Others say he is up to something fishy (or octopus-y). Needless to say, everybody is less than happy to be forced to drink the disgusting water fountain water. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I now await my ban. cya ######Riot please don't kill me, or even worse, ban me.
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