New Champion! (CONCEPT)

The new champion is............ Kappa, the face of mystery. Passive: Kappa's abilities heal him for 200% of the damage dealt. Q: Kappa stares you down deal aoe dot non channeled true % max health damage. W: Kappa spams you, stuning you for 2 Dark Bindings. (lol jk thats op) E: Kappa makes you wonder about the worlds mysteries. Makes you go clear all the JG camps on the map and amplifys all damage onto you by 300%. R: Kappa suppresses you for an amount of time based on how long the game has gone, this effecct is absorbed by {{champion:26}} ult and {{item:3026}} wait, he kills you. nvm I think Kappa might be a little underpowered but he should be fine once the playerbase gets acclimated to his difficult mechanics. (kappa)
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