Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)

#CLOSED: Thanks for playing ----------------------- #winners: There were 299 elegible posts made. 4 skins will be given away {{champion:202}}. I put all the elegible candiates in a word file, arranged them alphabetically, and assigned each a number. I than used RANDOM.ORG to generate 4 randoms numbers. Here are the winners: 1: BakedLotion 2: JVlasterQuinn 3: BegottenPoet 4: Gems Bond A friend request has been sent to the winners. Due to my being out of town over the weekend, if friend requests are not accepted quickly the prize will not be sent until Monday. You have one week to accept the friend request, or your prize may be considered forfeit. ----------------------- Did someone say free skins? That's right folks, its that time again. I, the almighty Laughing Fish, have reached another milestone of greatness in my quest to complete and total domination of the boards. i have reached 150,000 lifetime upvotes: ~~Not including the automatic upvote you get whenever you post, that is still like 500 upvotes!~~ In the over two years I have been posting (times sure flies) many a force has tried to stop me. Many people have claimed to have become my better, many talk about me being past my prime. But one by one, they always fall away, and I always remain. So what do I do with my growing power and wealth? I considered using it to takeover RIto and own it for myself. Or perhaps creating world peace. But those both sounded boring, so I figured I would rather have some fun. It is time to giveaway skins (in exchange for more upvotes of course. I never claimed I wasn't petty). ------------------------------- So without further theatrics, here are the rules for the skin giveaway: 1: You must make a post with an **animated gif of someone or something laughing**. (instruction to posting gifs found at bot of post) 2: You must** say my name**. (I know you think I am joking, but in the past there were people who were ineligible to win because they didn't say my name. I am dead serious.) 3: You must have an account eligible to receive gifts on the **NA server**. 4: One entry per person. You can continue commenting after your entry, but you will only receive a single entry. 5: As I intend to share the winning gifs, I reserve the right to disqualify the poster if their gifs is against boards policy. 6: At the end of the event, I will arrange all elegible posters in alphabetical order, assign a number to each one, and then use a random number genertator to choose the winner. -------------------------- How many gifts will be given away? That depends on how many upvotes this post gets Starting - 1 mystery skin **Upon reaching 100 upvotes - A second mystery skins** -Unlocked **upon reaching 200 upvotes - A third mystery skins** -Unlocked **Upon reaching 420 upvotes - A fourth mystery skins ** -Unlocked Upon reaching 600 upvotes - A fifth mystery skin Upon reaching 800 upvotes - A sixth mystery skin Upon reaching 1000 upvotes - a seventh mystery skin Upon reaching 1,337 upvotes - A final, eighth mystery skin I will be using FEK to check the total number of upvotes, so downvotes will have no effect. ------------------------ > **How to post a gif** > * step 1: Final the desired gif > * step 2: right click the gif and click "copy image URL" (wording varies by browser) > * Step 2 alternate: if the URL does not copy correctly, open the image in its own tab and copy URL from there. > * Step 3: post URL into the comment. > * Step 4: Watch this video for motivation. > > #EVENT ENDS NOVEMBER 23 at Noon EST. Open to NA only
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