Riot should learn from Earth's history about power creep

We all know that Riot is power creeping this game into the skies, while being completely blind to the effects of it. I don't understand why Riot doesn't take a look at Earth's history, and how insanely OP some of God's creatures have been. First of all let's keep the timespan within around the latest patches from about 100 million years back. League of Legends is currently in a state where everything deals so much damage, and everybody is so tanky it's insane and not fun at all. If you don't pick the meta picks you practically lose the game, and this scenario has happened before about 65 million years ago. Let us take a look at the T-rex This thing dealt so much damage, while being practically invulnerable, that it became the dominant creature for a couple million years worth of patches, before God finally fixed it. If you didn't pick T-rex back then you'd lose hard, sometimes you got ganked in your early game by it and most other characters just didn't stand a chance against it. You couldn't attack it either because it was a literal tank at the same time. It's the exact same as {{champion:31}} Riot, there's literally no counterplay against any of those two. When it was finally nerfed you could actually deal with it, but there were still so many other creatures that were insanely OP that it wasn't enough. The second example I'll bring out is the sarcosuchus A perfect example of when the assassins become meta during power creep. Sarcosuchus was so OP that while you were at the fountain to regenerate, it would pop out and literally **ONE SHOT** you without any counterplay at all. It was also a tank at the same time, so you couldn't even fight back. It was so disgustingly OP, it's literally the same as all the assassins combined into one being. All the other dinosaur mains complained and complained to God just like we do to you right now Riot, and finally when God listened to us and smited all the creatures with the meteor patch, we could start moving towards a more healthy game for everybody. Just look at how things are today, the megalodon has been nerfed into the great white shark and it's totally fine, sarcosuchus was nerfed to crocodiles and it's still doing good in today's meta despite it being less than 50% of its original state. Assassins like lions are finally in a stable spot, because they don't have to take down literal tanks anymore they can perform their job. Overall I think there's something to learn here Riot, everything is so much better right now. Damage is just right, tanks are durable but not immortal, mobility creatures like insects have been nerfed so hard they barely do any damage, and if they do their damage is so delayed through poisons and diseases that you can counterplay it with medicine in time. Please hear our call Riot, stop this power creep madness you've set in motion.
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