A guide to Yasuo personalities by skin

New research suggests that people subconsciously choose their Yasuo skin based on their personality. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the Yasuo on your team right from the start: **Bloodmoon Yasuo** - _"The Rager"_ - This Yasuo is likely to be mentally unstable and highly toxic. Avoid direct contact. Likely to feed. **Project Yasuo** - _"The Noob"_ - This Yasuo has no idea what planet he's on. He probably won't rage but he will definitely feed. **High Noon Yasuo** - _"The Pro"_ - This Yasuo won't talk much, but he will obliterate his enemies and carry the game. Treasure him dearly. **Odyssey Yasuo** - _"The Alternate"_ - This Yasuo usually plays other champions and will feed his lane early, but will probably end up 10/12/10 if the game goes long enough. Likely to roam and attempt tower dives starting at 10 minutes. Mildly toxic and likely to go AFK if you get mad at him. **Nightbringer Yasuo** - _"The Legendary Feed "_ - This is the ultimate apex of Yasuos. Expect the highest possible levels of feeding mixed with unparalleled toxicity. If you see one of these in your games, it's advised to contact an emergency botlane immediately. There you have it! You are now equipped to understand the Yasuo on your team. Hope this helps!

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