If you weren't aware of the EvelynnMains Vs. QiyanaMains subreddit war...

Evelynn spilling the tea about Kahlua and her "Louis Vuitton" shoes
r/EvelynnMains: "This craving will soon be sated" /r/EvelynnMains is a community of Widow Makers created by and for Evelynn Mains.
...you seriously are missing out on some of the most hilarious shitpost memeing right now and I'm living. Mostly from salty Eve mains but still amazing. {{champion:28}} VS.{{champion:246}} (It all stems from EvelynnMains thinking that Eve was in line to get the Louis Vuitton skin) EDIT: Apparently they're teaming up to declare war on AkaliMains now. Lmfao. https://www.reddit.com/r/EvelynnMains/comments/dw7idc/evelynn_spilling_the_tea_about_kahlua_and_her/
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