The Most Powerful Chempion

We all know Leblanc is a shitmans character. What with her laser beam ult, her aoe stun, her true damage burn passive, and her invisibility. So it's clear that Gragas is the most powerful champion, with his karate chop action. Clearly unparalleled, Jinx will go down as the best hero in League of Storms. I mean, what was Ritoblerone thinking when they gave Jax a giant jumping suppress? It's the reason Yasuo is permabanned since patch 1.69. It really grinds ya gears ya know? It's why I can feel the sunshine, it brightens up my day. Don't you feel that sometimes, you just need to run away? So what I'm trying to say here, is Tauros Demon is the most powerful boss of Baldurs Gate.
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