Irelia nerfs are like Katy perry new song : Never really over

I tought this E cd nerf was the last but i suppose it's will be never really over... Just because she's nerfed doesnt mean she wont be nerfed again and if you think she will be nerfed then she's gotta get nerfed and you'll have to get over these nerfs again. **Old Irelia :** Patch V 1 0 0 105 : She is released. Patch V 1 0 0 108 : They buffed her, surprising ! Patch V 1 0 0 113 : NERF and a big one. Patch V 1 0 0 118b : Q dmg is nerfed but they upped her W. Patch V 1 0 0 120 : Up on her ulti Patch V 1 0 0 121 : Nerf dmg on ulti, nerf early game. Patch V 1 0 0 129 : Buffed on the passive. Patch V 1 0 0 136 : Mostly a nerf. Patch V 1 0 0 139 : Buff Patch V 1 0 0 152 : Buff, they increased her MS by 25, which is funny. Patch V 5,6 : Nerf Patch V 6,7 : Buff Patch V 6,13 : Nerf Patch V 6,16 : Nerf, they reduced her passive range, instead of giving tenacity by the number of ennemies who are around Irelia, it's giving tenacity by the number of ennemies surrounding Irelia compared to her teammates surrounding her. Patch V 7,15 : Little Buff for early on the ulti Patch V 7,22 : Buff base armor and base dmg. **It's start on patch 8,7 for the new Irelia : First nerfs are made even before patch 8,8 because she is op. ** Patch 8,8 : Nerf Patch 8,9 : Oh wait, it's not a nerf, it's an up for her jungle which is useless because she is never played in jungle. Patch 8,13 : Nerfed again Patch 8,15 : Nerfed again but they up the stats. Patch 8,17 : Wait, they upped her ? Her Q deal now 100% more dmg to minions ! Patch 8,21 : The famous supreme nerf : -5 MS. Patch 8,24 : Nerfed again Patch 9,2 : Nerfed again, no longer disarm on her ulti Patch 9,3 : Buff And now, her E nerfed. I'm sure she will be nerfed again because it's the purpose of this champ, to get nerfed everytime... That why you can say "Better nerf Irelia". Because her nerfs are never really over... I guess riot could try hypnoterapy against Irelia... They gotta rewire the brains of people who are playing vs her. Cause i can't spend one day without checking her on PBE Patchnotes. I tell myself "stop playing her" and i do but once in a while i trip up and cross the line, and i'm playing her again even knowing she will be nerfed again. 9 years and just like that, my head still take me back, tought it's was done but it's will be, never really over. Riot, Better nerf Irelia <3. {{champion:39}}
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