If somehow you don't have your #1 most hated champion, here's a little game to help you choose it

It's very simple. Imagine (or better watch some clips) of your most hated champions killing each other and see who you're rooting for. If you never root for one particular champion - congratulations this is the one you should ask Riot to delete from the game. In my case, however, I couldn't decide what I like more: Blind Dumbass being outplayed by a 10HP Japanese-Flute-Player-With-Free-Shields-Because-Why-Not or a 0/10 Powerspike King being kicked into the fountain by the aforementioned sight deprived individual. Thus, they are both my number 1 as my perfect scenario is when they both die in an equally humiliating way. Please, share a similar thought process and have fun!
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