Unranked Noob plays 9.2 Aatrox on patch 9.3 in three easy steps (Meddler hates him!)

Step 1: Go Domination/Inspiration * Grab ingenious hunter and cosmic insight (45% item CD reduction is critical!) Step 2: Replace any item in normal build with Hextech Protobelt Step 3: get 40% CDR (Maths below:) * 9.2 E dashes: 12 E dashes every 66 seconds (2 dashes in 1st second, then a 6 sec recharge per dash) = 18.18% Dash uptime * 3 protobelt dashes and 22 E dashes every 66 seconds = 37.88% Dash uptime (Doubles uptime! = Doubles chances of landing Qs) When LCS comes back and you see protobelt aatrox in the toplane, you will know that it was my idea first and I want my royalties

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