What's the story of your Summoner Name?

I'd like to establish two rules right off the bat: 1. Even if it's the most obvious thing in the world, please explain it in full, even if it's just "I really like X champion" or "I was trying to think of something funny" or something like that. 2. Please don't just use a meme or emoji or whatever. I'll start: When trying to think of a name, I started going over that which interested me. I remembered that at the time I really liked bats, so I looked up the scientific name to see what it would yield. The bat genus is called "Chiroptera", which I read as "KAI-rop-TUR-uh", but immediately realized that couldn't be it. I found out the real pronunciation, but the one I had originally read stuck with me. I decided to spell it out as the phonetics sounded, and because if wasn't snappy enough, I combined the last two syllables. What I ended up was Kairoptra (KAI-rop-TRUH). Now it's your turn. Let's see what you got! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} EDIT: Where the actual f*ck did all you guys come from? I make one post and 15 hours later it has 179 comments and 877 views. IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN A FULL DAY YET {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} On a far more serious note, I would like to say something: I'm going to make a promise, right here and now. I promise to both the community and myself that so long as it is in my power I will never delete this post. This isn't just some game of show-and-tell anymore; this is a monument and archive to the stories of the players. We come here, united under a common interest, not to be defined by where we come from, or what we were taught was right when we were kids, or what family we were born into, or what our overall lot in life was, whether financial, racial, ethnic, and everything in between. We come here to play as equals on the field of battle; to have fun. Through this game and the internet, we have breached social boundaries that have cost lives and resources that cannot be replaced. The reasoning for why is simple: In this place, you are neither rich, nor poor, nor male, nor female, nor Christian, nor Muslim, nor atheist, nor black, nor white, nor anything in between nor around anything I've mentioned. In this place, you are a profile picture and a user name. That statement might not mean a lot to you or maybe even seem a little depressing, but don't think that way. That name doesn't belong to some high school dropout, or some piece of trash on the streets, or even some billionaire who somehow made it. That name belongs to a human being. These stories, though incredibly varied, all detail the same thing: The human experience. These are the stories of people who came to know this game and its community and through some avenue had their life changed because of it. When I made this post, I intended it to just be for fun. After I saw the rapid influx of comments, I challenged myself to read every one. But now, looking on all of them, I realize that none have any more or less value than any of the others. Whether your reasoning be that your friend drew in a Zerg costume eating cake or that you're bad at League and play Rakan or that you just like early 90's hip hop; that's reason enough. These stories; _your_ stories, are what bring us together today. Through some means or another, you found this game and started playing. You made up a name for yourself; perhaps you thought as hard as you would if you were actually renaming yourself, or perhaps you simply turned your head, saw something, and muttered a quick "eh, why not?" before filling in that little box. You played a few games. Maybe you liked it, maybe you didn't. But you're here now, so this game must mean something to you. That's not the point, though. The point is that these names aren't just a way to show our unity, but also to embrace how we are different. Each of these names shows something that each of us carries with us; a medal of honor or a scar of war to show where we've been and how far we've come. Yes, we share the same intersection of our lives through this game, but we also come and go through different roads and walks of life. We have come together and shown the world who we are. Yes, we recognize that we may be rich, or poor, or male, or female, or Christian, or Muslim, or atheist, or black, or white, or anything in between or around anything I've mentioned. However, there is one thing we all have in common: We are the Summoners of the Rift. This is _our_ battlefield, _our_ society, _our_ game. In the early years of LoL, the champions that we played as today comprised the League of Legends. This lore has since been ruled to be no longer canonical, but today I would like to establish a new cannon, right here and now: _We_ are the champions. _We_ are the combatants of the Rift. _We_ are the League of Legends. I'll get off my soap box now; I probably took that far too seriously. However, seeing so many simple stories; only glimpses of the fabric woven into the greater scheme of life, touched me in a way I simply can't describe. Perhaps I simply feel refreshed at hearing something so basic and yet it is so much so that my brain is unable to handle it and I simply overthought it. Perhaps I've come to realize some deeper meaning to life on a sub-conscious level that I felt needed to be expressed. Whatever the case may be, one thing's for certain: This isn't just _my_ post anymore. It belongs to _us_. That's why I made that promise; I could never delete this post in a million years because this isn't just a part of my story that I've made by creating this post. This is a culmination of _our_ stories, which deserve to be immortalized for years to come. Remember that it is through these stories that we have accomplished the impossible.
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