The tale of Hasagi

{{champion:157}} -Hasagi hasagi hasagi {{champion:2}} - Wut, you want a can of ale? {{champion:157}} - Hasagi hasagi {{champion:79}} - Hasagi ale does not exist, if it does, I must taste it at once {{champion:157}} - Hasagi hasagi hasagi hasagi {{champion:112}} - Pretty sure he has a brain tumor, judging from my scans {{champion:79}} - An ale made out of tumor? {{champion:2}} - I'd drink anything to get my dose of berserk {{champion:112}} - I suppose we could make an ale out of it - let's put him out of his misery {{champion:45}} - Clicks R {{champion:202}} - What a refined, fruitful taste - what is it? {{champion:112}} - It is not so much about what it is or what it consists of, but rather about what science can achieve. In this case: ale.
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