++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)

UPDATE:**Event is over guys** and thanks again, congrats to all the winners. Some still haven't excepted my friend request. So I will wait **2 days** for you to accept. If not I will send the gifts to another player. But ya, please leave me feedback at this thread and thanks again xD **FEEDBACK:** http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/R4fTPvyW-the-gifting-fairyfeedback-thread Thank you all so much for participating in this, it makes me so happy to see others happy <333 Please spread the word to anyone you think might want a chance at a free skin. Just to clarify, this will be going on for **7 days**(6/17-6/23). The whole Pool Party Event just happened to be great timing. I've been planning on doing this for over 2months so I'm happy that I can finally do this. Thanks again everyone!!!! This is how it works Post your IGN and the skin you want Ill add 10 **RANDOM(seriously, its random ask my cat)** people everyday and send the skin the next day. Do not try to add me in game or you will automatically be disqualified. **You do NOT have to repost your info everyday! Once its on here your entered EVERY day <3 ** I saw a lot of threads ASKING for skins, so I thought Id start one to GIVE them away. Have a great day and good luck :) _**DAY 7 6/23/2015 EVENT IS OVER!!!!!**_ 1)MidnightRondo 2)SKT T1 Godyr 3)naadeko 4)Verdauga Green 5)EzraCHuuuun 6)Thousandwings 7)Sadistic Beast 8)Moon Howler Wolf 9)crasherX8 10)Bloodlusst If you see your name on this list but haven&#039;t gotten a friend request, let me know! --I am on **NA so I CAN NOT gift to any other region**. I'm sorry I totally should have put this on my post to begin with. Sorry again!!!
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