11 Birds That Are Not Azir

Reborn from an ancient time, Shurima has risen from the sands, and with it the venerable emperor, Azir. Much like Renekton and Nasus, the Ascension ritual transformed the emperor into an avatar of great power. We’ve put together a handy list just in case you need help identifying Azir, the emperor of Shurima, from some other birds. **1. Is this Azir?** http://i.imgur.com/NAohiAj.jpg *© Vidady / Fotolia* Close, but that’s a common pigeon (or Columba livia), not Azir, living demigod and emperor of Shurima. Pigeons are usually found living in cities and eating garbage. Azir controls an ancient army from beneath the sands. **2. Azir? Where?** http://i.imgur.com/h8sy5g7.jpg *© Leah-Anne Thompson / Fotolia* We see how you’d get confused, but this is a pelican, not Azir, the godking Ascended emperor of Shurima. Pelicans tend to hang out on the coasts in warmer climates, whereas Azir must stand guard over the Sun Disk, a mysterious and powerful talisman of the Shuriman empire. **3. Azir?** http://i.imgur.com/O12DYgt.jpg *© ziggy / Fotolia* What? That’s not Azir at all! What you’ve spotted is a Boeing 777, the world’s largest commercial twinjet with a seating capacity between 300-400 passengers. Azir has to purchase two seats on a plane because he’s a giant bird. **4. Wait, that's not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/mkjUb1W.jpg *© MNStudio / Fotolia* Squawk! You're on to something here, but this parrot is definitely not Azir, leader of the once-vast Shuriman empire. Some parrots can live up to 80 years in the wild. Azir has been resurrected by the blood of his descendant after 1,000 years. **5. Huh. Not Azir.** http://i.imgur.com/NLNXRxu.jpg *© EcoView / Fotolia* Close, but nope -- that’s an ostrich, not the revered emperor of the sands, Azir. When digging holes with its beak, it can appear as if an ostrich is burying his head in the sand. After Xerath’s treacherous Ascension KS, the lost city of Shurima sunk beneath the sands. **6. Still not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/Efu9Uya.jpg This isn’t Azir at all, but Valor, Quinn’s trusty scouting sidekick! From a lofty perspective, Valor relays important information while on missions defending his homeland, Demacia. When Azir was at the height of his reign, Demacia didn’t even exist. **7. Nope, not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/XEr29ww.jpg *© ykumsri / Fotolia* Gentleman Azir? Nope! That's a penguin. Penguins mate for life and seek out their one mate season after season. Azir can have up to three soldiers at his command at once, but he’s coded to have up to 99… because you never know. **8. Still not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/Kl9prHk.jpg Close, but that's Anivia, not Azir, newly resurrected and all-powerful Emperor of the Sands. Anivia has been a bird all her life and hatches from an egg. Azir had to wait 1,000 years to be a bird. **9. Probably not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/JbYCyLY.jpg *© vvoe / Fotolia* Whoa! You’re wrong twice! Not only is that not a bird and not Azir, true emperor of the mighty Shuriman empire, but that’s a cloud. Clouds are formed when water vapor condenses in the atmosphere and release water as rain. Shurima is a desert. **10. Definitely not Azir** http://i.imgur.com/FfHAvtj.jpg *© Allen.G / Fotolia* Your best guess yet, but nope! Not Azir! The bald eagle stands for freedom and TSM, and people rallied to bring this bird back from the brink of extinction. In order to resurrect Azir, Sivir had to bleed out on the sands and nearly die. **11. Not. Azir.** http://i.imgur.com/5Y81bdE.jpg That dirty bird’s name is Swain, not Azir, but I can see how you’d be mistaken. Swain transforms into a monstrous raven during his ultimate, Ravenous Flock. Azir is all bird all the time. **What are some other birds that are not Azir?**
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