The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Round 2, Group I.

**UPDATE:** First of all, last Group Winners are: **Gangplank** (218 votes) and **Leona** (110 votes). Nasus was stacking as fast as he could, but he didn´t made in the time limit. He is sure angry now, because he almost got the needed stacks. With this the First Round is FINISHED. Now the hard part starts. Lets go to Round 2 - Group I. **LET THE BEST WIN**. Also please check out my [YouTube Channel]( and come sometimes chill to my [Twitch Channel](, I am streaming almost daily. Thanks for every support!:) **BASIC INFO:** Hello, who is your favorite champion? And who is the most favorite champion of all 137 champions? Let´s find out! I´ve created a bracked of all champions currently in the game. It will be up to you guys to decide who is the BEST champion. The **voting will last for 2 days**, then **2 champions with the most votes will make it to next round** and I will create another voting thread for next Group and so on, until there is only 1 winner. The full Bracked can be found on my [FaceBook]( / [Twitter]( or down below on the next link: []( So lets get to it. Here are the 8 champions that made it to second round. Vote for your most favorite. Only 2 will make it to next round!:) You don´t have your favorite here? Then vote for the one you like the most:) If you have any questions, just ask:) PS: Only votes on this thread count. I won´t count any comments/votes on other pages, forums, etc. PSS: You can find results of previous votings at the end of article in the last Group P: - Group P [HERE]( RazyeLx

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