Riot, why does your game suck so much?

It's like every change you make dumbs it down more Activision. I cannot believe a company like Bethesda is allowed to handle coding. This game would be so much better if Blizzard didn't suck at balancing. Is all you care about is the E-Sports scene EA!?! This game sucks so much since you made it all about cash grabs Valve. Re-Logic studios you need to re-logic how dull this game gets once you figure it out. Why do you set the entry bar for new players so high Icefrog? It takes forever just to acquire one character, Hi-Rez. How are we supposed to grow a player base when all you think about is your wallet Roblox? You show so much bias for certain classes/characters S2. I am really sick of it. Plus you have some of the worst customer service responses to your community, Ubisoft. All and all, you can see why Riot is the worst video game company ever. Please boycott and disband them.
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