As a sexist gamer, I'm offended

The lack of female power fantasy skins as of late is unnerving. Why can't more females have sexualized figures and outfits with badass abilities? There's nothing wrong with showing a little boob while delivering noob pwnage. Heck, the best part is that you're looking great while pwning noobs! We could also use a few less clothed female champions. Tryndamere is naturally shirtless and there are a number of other very exposed skins for multiple male champions. Why aren't we getting those for women? Caitlyn's Pool Party skin is the only female skin that shows off a lot of skin. We need more of those! (Rek'Sai doesn't count because she's already nude.) Sexy skins aren't a bad thing. If they legitimately distract our opponents, then our money was well spent!
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