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What do you call a {{champion:202}} that feeds? A De{{champion:202}}erate. (Downvote) What do you call a {{champion:202}} with a 4/4/4 KDA? almost perfect. (kill me) Why did {{champion:202}} quit flex q? Because they disabled parties of 4. (Why am I still making this?) {{champion:202}} is allowed a cigar, but {{champion:104}} can't have a ~~censored~~ 4! (Rito please) Why did {{champion:202}} allow {{champion:115}} to go bot lane? Because{{champion:115}} gave {{champion:202}} a C4. (Insert downvote here) What do you call a {{champion:202}} that has a lot of assists? {{champion:202}}erous. (flatter than a pancake) {{champion:202}} - - - - - - {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} - - - - - - {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}}- {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} 4 reals now-- {{champion:202}} Kill me pleas {{champion:202}} Final Joke: What do you call a {{champion:202}} without a 4? a vir{{champion:202}} (Finally its over) Here, have some eye candy! https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQOKV0fjPXZsC6w6JvDhRw3nUa7WU4ndzQUHvSak1JD7nx9sCMT
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