Neeko's After-Fight Picnic!

Whether you love her or hate her, we all have to agree that {{champion:518}} is adorable. In game over saturated with edgelords that can kill you in a million different ways ({{champion:157}}, {{champion:141}}, {{champion:238}}), monsters ready to eat you ({{champion:96}}, {{champion:223}}, {{champion:31}}), and psychopaths ready to gut you like a fish ({{champion:202}}, {{champion:555}}, {{champion:35}}), Neeko is a cute and cuddly breath of fresh air who just wants to make some new friends (Kind of like what {{champion:142}} was supposed to be). So, in honor of my favorite Neeko voice line "After fight ends, everyone invited to picnic! Even enemies." After a day on the rift Neeko makes good on her promise and invites everyone to picnic! **What does your main bring and what do they do while in attendance?** I'll go first, ({{champion:202}} Main), knowing Jhin, he'd probably bring some super-fancy food that only he would enjoy (like Caviar or Truffles). While at the picnic he'd probably play music and/or dance. But this is all with the assumption he can keep his hunger for "art" under control and as long as any of the champs he has an irrational hatred for don't show up ({{champion:98}}, {{champion:238}}, and {{champion:37}} come to mind).
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