Tahm Kench Voice Lines through 5 layers of google translate

These are some of Tahm Kench's voice lines put through 5 layers of google translate. I will do Camille next. Game Starts "I do not see anything interesting on the table." "My mouth wherever it has gone." "Let us see the value of this value." Attacking "It's nice." "Another meal." "I am well": "Enjoy the difficulty." "The temptation we are trying to". "Waiting for awaits". "Their inflammation ... vegetables!" "I have to be ready for these fish." "Another alcoholic".(snacks turned into alcoholic) Attacks Baron Nashor "This is my river, you are going." "Are you interested in hitting my table?" "It is alive, it's food. Movement "In my sorrow my birthday was born." "The dialogue is impossible." "No real hunger can be diminished." "Paradise is hungry!" "I have a plain fish."(There are many ways to interpret this) "The whole world is the river, and I am his master." "All creation is hungry and is born hungry." "All are ending ... at the end." "There is nothing to escape from the famine." "I do not want to overcome the fall of animals." "The fever is tasty." "Everything in the universe is deceptive." "I want the depth of the person." "I love you":(awwwww) "Real food is not over". "Everything will reduce my size." "Let's eat a lot and mix." Taunt: "It's my dirty shame." "Your commitment to service makes me feel better." "Your mind is clear of dust." "Baby, you have a second cow without steak!" "The door is for the broken sandwich."(what kind of post apocalyptic stuff is this) Taunt Ahri Ally "I am amazed at your class and cleanliness, I give you my tactile sign." Enemy "You are so humbly as new as empty." Taunt Ashe Ally "If you wish to establish peace, then shed blood." Enemy "When I meet, you have many proofs as an outstanding debt ". Taunt Enemy Azir "The manager is humble because he's known." "Son, your kingdom is built on sand." "You are the governor, the hidden folders and the banners". Your kingdom, I see your deeds and your despair. ": Taunt Ekko Ally "Time is another river, and I do not think about swimming." Enemy "Your teenage revolution is less than your hairstyle." Taunt Janna Ally "There is a storm in your heart, girl, tell me what you are hungry." Enemy "When I meet, you look like a cake cake." Taunt Yasuo Ally "Your destiny is not in the air, it's a line." Enemy "It turns like a fruit tree." Being Attacked with shield from e "She was able to change my clothes." "My constitution was rejected." "Is it an attack or a boy? "How do you attack?" Buying Randuin’s Omen "I am a sign of wealth." "My faithful neighbors are harder". "In the future, I'm a useful tool ... between food." Buying Warmog’s Armor "The war of food is like any one." "A very big fish is the constitution." "Tell me what you want, a great man can not make it." Thank you!
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