Protect the Princess

This is Protect the Princess. This is similar to Protect the Queen but I changed some rules. **This Gamemode is played on Summoners Rift Draft Pick** The goal of this game is to kill the enemy princess 10 times, before they kill your princess 10 times. **LANES ARE NOT ALLOWED! JUNGLE ONLY! You are allowed to farm jungle, you can not leech lane!** - The only lane that is allowed is the middle of midlane, only for crossing lanes tho! Not for fighting/running from team. Also do not run into any lane to hide under tower/run from enemy! I know it is tempting. - Also the lane/pathway between midlane tier 2 tower and inhibiter tower is allowed at all times, you can use that passage to cross jungles/run away from enemies. Do not go under towers tho! Roles: 1 Princess, 2 Guards, 1 Wizard, 1 Spy. Princess: The Princess must be {{champion:16}} , {{champion:267}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:37}} , {{champion:117}} , {{champion:22}} , or {{champion:99}} . Spy: Must be an Assassin. Guard: Must be an AD melee (Like a bruiser/juggernaut) or a support. Wizard: Must be an AP mage. Banned Items: ZZPortal(Not even needed, Same with Ohmwrecker), Guardian Angel, QSS/Mercurial Scimitar, Mikael's Crucible, Banshee Vail, or Mejai Soulstealer. The Princess CAN NOT build any life steal/spellvamp. **Summoner Spells:** **Princess ** MUST take Flash and Barrier **Spy** MUST take Flash and Smite **Guard** MUST take Flash, then either Heal, Ignite, or Exhaust. **Wizard** MUST take Flash, then either Ghost, Ignite, or Heal. Barons/Rift Herald/ Dragon is allowed - The Princess commands everyone what to do, and everyone must listen that is on her team, besides the spy. Anything the princess says you must do (Besides spy)! - If your princess dies, her allies must die fighting for her (Besides Spy). - if the princess is dead and you have respawned, you must wait in base for her. You can only be on the battlefield (Jungle) while she is on the battlefield (Unless she just died and you are fighting to your death for her). - Once your queen respawns, the guards must go to her immediately, no matter what you are doing. - If both queens die in the same battle, then no one gets a point. - The Queen can back at anytime same with the Assassin. The guards and Wizard may start backing at 10:00 and then every 5 minutes they can back again. So 10:00 - 15:00 - 20:00 - 25:00 etc. **PRINCESSES CAN NOT BE BANNED DURING DRAFTING FAZE**
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