Riot: We won't keep dominion in custom games because then we'd have to make capture animations

> ... and that would take too much of our time for each new character. > Here's Taric's rework and Ascension. Btw he's got a capture animation. ... anymore. Edit: [Aurelion has a "Channel Spell" animation as well]( But really [**everyone**]( does. Its part of that "quality bar". #Edit2: here is the ACTUAL quote: > [{quoted}](name=L4T3NCY,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=jHxO08wd,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2016-02-10T20:28:00.276+0000) > > Unfortunately, keeping Dominion available in Custom games still has the same cost as being a matchmade queue. :/ We have to ensure all champions work with capture points, items, etc. > > The art on the map is also far behind what we'd consider the 'quality bar' for League nowadays. It would be a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity (when we could better spend that time/resources doing something awesome on SR instead). And as others point out below, they seem to be prefectly fine (so far) with "ensur[ing] all champions work with capture points" in Skarners Spires passive as well as Ascension. Ascension is one of the rotating gamemodes now, meaning it will be brought around multiple times a year and require some degree of maintenance. At least [Skarner]( has [more than]( "0.5%" play-rate[ I guess]( At least the _temporary gamemode_ based on Dominion looks amazing despite "be[ing] a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity" I'm not hating on Riot or L4T3NCY or Ascension, but I couldn't just ignore how badly some of the reasons stink.
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