45% CDR Sona is like...

{{champion:37}} **0/0/14** kda http://i.imgur.com/eHIMgoy.gif {{champion:67}} : Sona ily, you're the best Sona omg {{champion:37}} : ;D! **Things are great, right up until...** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:238}} has slain {{champion:37}} http://i.imgur.com/qvgzSyL.gif {{champion:67}} : ... {{champion:37}}: (Silent Screams) **0/1/15** kda {{champion:103}}: IM SORRY, he spanked me in mid. I got this {{item:3157}} thing but the cooldown sucks. He is actually killing me with just his shurikens now... {{champion:67}}: At least we killed Jinx again though. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://i.imgur.com/m8SrFkQ.jpg {{champion:222}}: Hello team? Can I get some peel, from ..idk... ANYONE? {{champion:238}}: Sssh {{champion:222}}: YOU DID NOT JUST SHUSH ME. You are the one who picked a mid with no CC after I picked Jinx! {{champion:106}}: But you got Janna tho {{champion:222}}: Janna? what Janna? Are we talking about the Janna following Zed around like a lost puppy? {{champion:238}}: All I hear is "waaahhh I'm 1/6/0" {{champion:40}}: <_Coughs_>
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