Yasuo during grade 9 PATS

Big boy Yasuo hasn't studied at all for PATS tomorrow. He is highly known for his IQ but that's what makes him the most autistic student in school. It's 6 pm and he is still duoing in league with tyler1. Both homo sapiens flame each other as much as they can. Then tyler1 asks, "yo did you start reviewing yet". Yas replies, "no. too early for that". Then both homo sapiens start screaming as if it's there last day on earth. They both pass out for more than 2 hours. _Call is dismissed._ It's 9 pm now. Yasuo goes into the washroom with his laptop and has some tensome league games. It's been a little over an hour now. His mom yells, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?". Yas replies politely, "beating the crap out of some people." Yasuo is using master yi and his hands are getting sweatier than ever. He is wet in other words. He misses a q -"****". Misses another q- "****". He gets so hyped he takes out his headphones and breaks them in two pieces. Now his mom can hear everything. The blade of yi. The heartbeats of Yasuo running faster than Uganda bolt. LL stylish screaming "PRRRRRRRRRR". And tyler1- "AHHHHHHHHH". Trick2g-"OLULULULULUULLULULUULUL BAHHAMMBHAMMA". And they END UP........LOSING! His mom finally gets really mad and throws his laptop out of the window which luckily lands on..........another house. Situation solved. It's 12 pm. Now he thinks about studying but he has to have dinner first. After calculating the advantages and angles of eating, he thinks it's best that he eats now otherwise he won't be able to focus on studying. After 3 hours, he finishes eating. It's 3 am now. Time flies by so fast that he grew up 0.00000000cm in just 3 hours. According to his calculations, he must brush his teeth. It takes 2 hours. But they are still shiny....... yellow. It's 5 am. He takes a quick shower in just......2 hours. It's 7 am. He finally thinks of studying. But according to his calculations, he must sleep now otherwise he won't remember a thing that he studied(which he didn't do). He sleeps for ....1 min and then his clock rings. it's 7:02. He is so happy that he woke up right on time. He puts on his battery charged glasses. Now he is on his 2 legs. He gets ready for school. He must go school once for all. Exam starts. He passes out in the first minute. He is taken to the hospital. skips exams for one week - studies at hospital. Goes back to school, gets 100 in everthing. This is the IQ of the Unforgiven, Yasuo.

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