soak the best champion concept you've ever seen

hi guys its me wolfbook. back at it again with upvote farming threads. so here is my champion concept if u like my champion pls say so. tank you very much. so here is my lore: ___ **hardcore league players, casual league players, pro players, riot. everything changed when riot attacked. only {{champion:64}} ing to the community could stop them. but when hardcore league players and casual league players and pro players needed this most, it disappeared.** ___ hi guys so i decided to make soak because soak is a very new champion with completely new abilities that no other champion has. passive: 3 hit every 3rd hit soak hits on a player/minion will deal extra damage ability 1: skillshot soak shoots a skillshot ability 2: ~~wind wall~~ **soak wall** creates a wall of soak that blocks anything that even comes close to it, and has a 3 second cooldown. ability 3: dash dash dash dash dash soak dashes **just saying guys this ability is the most simplistic of them all because simplicity is good when designing a champ.** ability 4 or ultimate: soak shoots a big ball. but to make the ability more interesting we added a twist. **soak can only use his ultimate when riot releases solo queue and riots owner eats a bacon wrapped cheese filled corndog with avocado on the side and sending some spaghetti to the poor swedish boy that dyrus stole money from, and that swedish boy goes on reddit and creates the most popular thread on reddit and becomes the owner of riot afterwards, and they delete all the champions besides teemo.** so thank you very much everyone for reading this thread. please upvote if u think uhhh i need to get upvotes so upvote for 3 refunds per season, solo q, removing riven and zed and yasuo, and i'll give you 100$ of rp no scam trust me 100%
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