The Sacred Rules of Engagement is a meme and dumb thing we just thought of in Discord with my good friend Angelorum, we got the idea, but he's too lazy to post this on a discussion so i'm doing for him. Cause I can... RULES: * NeverBackdoor *Fight with Honor * Engage if Taunted At * If engaged, fight to the very end * Know if you're gonna die, if so fight to the very end * Never BM or Taunt in the middle of team-fights, (will be punished by an onslaught of flame and pings) That would most likely get you killed if taunting an enemy * BM an enemy if you ABSOLUTELY if they're dead * By the Parliament of the the Rules of Engagements, Tho Broketh the Rules of Engagements Will be banned from Discord, Family Christan Servers, a self ban from league, and be called as an "Filthy Heretic of Lawbreaking Misuse of a living breathin Swine" * Punishment can be lifted by the POWER OF "CORY IN THE HOUSE" as it's the best anime. ----Angelorum Silly Game Rules: * Play Only Tanks * Only Tank Items and Exceptional with Titanic-Hydra, Sterak, and Frozen Mallet * Do a thumbs up if you died so you can secretly be supporting the enemy by emoting them a "thumbs up" * Always get a Sunfire-Cape for damage purposes * Destroy objectives/towers with ZZ'ROT and Banner of Command *Normal Game Rules: * Ban every known adc that could backdoor * Ban every known Mobile champions According to the Rules of Engagement * Never use Demolish * Never use Dark Harvest Have Fun abiding to THESACREDRULESOFENGAGEMENT.
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