New Champion design

Bum, The Drunken Fist Passive: Every 3rd hit causes you to randomly use an ability, even if that ability is on cooldown. Any champion within autoattack range also uses a random ability every 3 autoattacks if they are drunk. Q: Throw a bottle at target location. Enemies and allies struck by the bottle become drunk and every ability they use is shot in the opposite direction of their cursor for 5 seconds. W: Enemies affected by drunk become disoriented and vomit in a cone around them, taking x damage and dealing x damage to everything in the cone, enemy and ally alike. E: Enemies and allies affected by drunk fall asleep and take 70% less damage for 5 seconds. R: Every champion in the game becomes drunk except Gragas, because he's always drunk. If they are already drunk they lose the drunk status. When Bum dies he will go: Well that's a bummer.
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