Creator Interview: League Boy

Today we're speaking with League Boy, best known for his comedic League Vines, about how he got his start in League and what it's like making Vines for the League of Legends community. Check him out on [Vine](, [Facebook](, and [Twitter]( to get your daily dose of hilarity! (Pro-tip: Click the bottom right corner of the Vines to turn sound on/off!) #**How’d you get into League? What are your favorite roles and champions?** I wanted an easier way for my friends to hang out since some of us live in different states. A friend of mine just started to play League and told me how we can team up and take on other people. I thought this idea was silly and moved on, but after observing people playing the game and getting hyped over it, I gave in and decided to give it a try. I was so shocked on how cool and interactive League was, and the fact that I could be hanging out with my friends from home! Now, whenever we say our physical goodbyes, we would end it with "See you on the Rift!" ADC and Support are my favorite roles because I hate being alone and love depending on other people. Thresh is hands down my favorite since he has so many play-potential abilities and I love it when my friends beg me to send out my lantern. #**How did you get into creating Vines for the League community? ** One boring Summer day my friend Steven (IGN 1o0) and I were just hanging out in the basement watching Vines. We were cracking up so hard watching sketches and getting hyped over sports highlights. Then it hit me, there was no content for us gamers on Vine! Us being huge League fans, I jumped on top of him and said, "BRO WE GOT TO CREATE CONTENT FOR LEAGUE." I knew Vine was a comedic social media outlet and thought it was the perfect fit. Steven became my wingman and helped come up with a lot of creative ideas that us gamers can relate to. #**How do you get your ideas for Vines and how long do they take to create?** I get my ideas from literally everywhere. I try not to force myself to think of ideas but let it come naturally to me. Like when I'm at the gym listening to one of Tori Kelly's lyrics "Was it real or was it all in my head..." I thought this is exactly how I feel when I give up First Blood. Or when I'm on Vine seeing what's trending I try to incorporate that into League. A Vine can take a little as a couple of minutes to a couple of days to create. I'm pretty picky when it comes to shooting/editing and try to put quality to a high standard. #**What’s been your favorite part of working with the League community? Any favorite memories?** Just the tremendous support from the League community! I try to be genuine and real with people who follow me and try my best to engage with them on social media daily! Maybe I've just gotten more troll over time :) My favorite memory so far is a time when someone direct messaged me saying they were going through a very rough time in their life. He told me that the only thing that helped cheered him up was watching my vines and thanked me. When I read this, I got super emotional and touched that I somehow helped make a small positive difference in the life of someone I didn't know. I use this message a lot for motivation because if I could bring happiness into someone's life, that's all that matters! #**Do you collaborate with other Vine creators within the League community?** Yep, we keep in touch often to help create/pitch ideas and give feedback to one another. They are all super nice people! This is a collaboration we did about when you’re getting ready to queue up in your 5's and there's always that one straggler. Shout out to [Thomas](, [Kelly](, and [Joey!]( ;) #**Which of your Vines is your favorite and why?** Who doesn't want to be like Faker? We all know that it's possible :) I have countless times where I wish I could pull out Ekko's ulti to rewind those embarrassing moments. I would literally use this everyday! The friends got to kick it with Jeremy Lin over a weekend and all got pretty close during the time. One of my friends showed him couple of my Vines and he thought it was funny because he could relate to some of them even though he plays a different game. My favorite Vine BY FAR. This situation actually happened to me and I knew that I couldn't be the only one! #**Do you have any advice for any aspiring creators out there?** I can't express this enough but be yourself and only yourself! Yes, being different is good but if you’re not authentic, then your content won't be authentic! Hey, when I look back at my Vines I question myself all the time thinking they were awful, but you can never grow if you don't fail. Read what people comment on so you can learn and help improve your content in the future! *League Boy was also featured on **[All Chat](** a few months ago! Check out the discussion in the episode below.*
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