Queuing up with far-away friends

A lot of people have found new friendships through League of Legends, but one of the most important things it’s done for me is renew an old friendship. I work at Riot’s Santa Monica office these days, but I grew up and went to school on the East Coast. After graduating from college, I moved out west to try and find a job doing something I cared about. I left all my friends and family behind and started fresh in a new city, and it was definitely a super scary experience. I had a League account from back in the day, but I had never gotten hooked until I started interviewing at Riot. Once I started playing regularly, I began to notice that some of the people I knew back on the East Coast were also big League players, including my roommate from freshman year in college. He lives in South Carolina, but we started playing together online, and he showed me the ropes. Soon we were playing together several times a week; we started playing other games together too, developing a fierce DiveKick and Nidhogg rivalry. We had always been friendly, but now we were spending a ton of time talking to each other, even about non-League stuff. We probably spend about as much time on voice chat with each playing games or chatting as any of my other friends who actually live nearby. Sometimes we’re duoing in ranked, sometimes we’re playing Twisted Treeline, sometimes we’re not even actually playing and just watching LCS together. He’s become one of my absolute best friends over the past couple years, and it’s been primarily because of League. In fact, I’ll be attending his wedding this summer, which will be the first time we’ve actually seen each other in 6 years! But that doesn’t even matter, because despite the distance, we’re closer than ever. So what about you? Is there anyone that League helps you keep in touch with? Any friendships that have really taken off? Share your stories below, I can’t wait to read them!
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