#**UPDATE** ##**JUSTICE ENFORCED! Vi is the winner!** Thanks to everyone for the great discussion and for casting your votes! -- After [Lucian vs Thresh]( and [Leona vs Diana](, the next matchup had to involve two champions whose conflict was equally as iconic. #**So, obviously, we're gonna explore Vi vs Jinx!** Watch the video: We teamed up with some amazing animators (credits below) to imagine what a hypothetical fight between the Piltover Enforcer and the Loose Cannon might look like. #**At the end of the video, you decide who wins!** The ending with the most views will determine the winner, so vote with your eyes! Also, sound off in the comments below to try and convince your fellow Summoners to make the right choice ;) For some help making your decision, here's the devs' take on the matchup: **The cutoff is 11:59pm PST Tuesday (Nov 16).** We'll reveal the winner on Wednesday, so check back! Credits: [HyperGauge]( [Hyun's Dojo]( Animation - Mali De'lisser Character Art - JackBowser, xXZackAttackXx & Mali De'lisser Background Art - GabbyBites Music - "[Bring the roof down](" - Brandon Yates [Ft. Lucy Shen, Maverick & Mason Lieberman]
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