Does the player's gender matter to anyone?

I played a game recently in which an which an Annie was playing really well and I made the comment "She is kicking our asses" and I was immediately caught off guard by a teammate's response. "How do you know she is a girl?" This lead to a sort of debate that confused me and the player asking in /all if the player was a girl. I never once considered the gender of the other players. I never cared and still don't. Male or female never concerned me. I only see the gender or the Champion. If someone is playing Gragas *he* is playing well. Syndra? *She* is who I am facing. After this I saw a similar incident happened. Janna kept Qing and ulting Pantheon every time he tried to stun someone and the adc said "She just won't let you touch me" and the Janna got super angry and made it very clear that he was not a girl. Does this actually bother people? Do people actually get offended when they are referred to by their champions gender or was I an idiot and got trolled?
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