New Champ Select: Feedback and Investigation Thread on Queue Times

Hey everyone, We're going to spend the weekend investigating some queue time issues. We need **your** help! IF you have a queue time **over 15 minutes**, and have had NO QUEUE POPS or QUEUE DODGES at all, please post: 1) Time of Day 2) Queue Time so Far (Screenshot would be best!) 3) Summoner Name (in case it's different than the account you are posting with) 4) Primary/Secondary Positions 5) Rank Tier 6) Premade Friends and their Summoners (if you were premade) Thank you! EDIT ::: We believe we found the tuning issue that resulted in longer queue times. If you see queue times above 30 minutes, please keep posting. We'll do a tuning change Monday morning that should dramatically reduce high queue times.
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