Greasemonkey script to filter the Red Tracker

As anyone who regularly reads these boards knows, the Red Tracker is often filled with threads in boards such as Help & Support which are, by and large, not interesting to the majority of players, which makes finding the actually interesting posts difficult. Since no official filtering system appears to be forthcoming, I've written a Greasemonkey script to automatically filter out those unwanted entries. ## Note that you need GreaseMonkey installed to run this script. I have only tested it in Firefox, but it should work in Chrome too. Also, it does not currently work on mobile browsers. --- > # [Get the Red Tracker Filter script for Greasemonkey here]( ---- ## What it does: - Hides posts in the following boards: - Help & Support - Mechs & Minions --- ## Limitations The posts from the unwanted boards are still loaded, they are merely hidden. The number of posts fetched by opening the Red Tracker or requesting more posts is not changed, so you may get very few entries with each click of Show More (depending on how many of the posts are being filtered out.) --- ## How to install it: - Install GreaseMonkey if you haven't already - Install the script directly - Click on [this link]( by clicking on the link and pressing "install" - Alternatively, install the script manually - [View the code on github]( - Copy the code into your favourite text editor - Save it with a ".user.js" extension - Drag and drop the file into your browser --- ## How to change the boards that are filtered: This one is slightly more complicated. To do it, you will need to edit the script. Click on the arrow next to the GreaseMonkey icon in your toolbar, select Manage User Scripts, right-click on Red Tracker Filter, and select Edit. Near the top of the script, you should see as section that looks like this: > var filteredBoards = [ > 'Help & Support', > 'Mechs vs Minions' >] This is a list of the filtered boards. The name must exactly match the name of the board that you don't want to see posts from, and each entry must be in quotes and separated by a comma. For example, if you wanted to also filter out posts in Story, Art, & Sound, you would change the filter list to something like this: > var filteredBoards = [ > 'Help & Support', > 'Mechs vs Minions', > 'Story, Art, & Sound' >]
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