Come chat with Riot Interns! [COMPLETED]

**EDIT - Alright, back to work interns! We kid, of course, and the interns want to thank you guys for coming out to chat. Feel free to ask more questions in the official [201​6​ NA Summer Internship thread](​ ​on LinkedIn.** Hey guys! We’ve got a bunch of current Riot interns ready to talk about their experience this summer and answer any questions you may have about the **NA internship program**. They’ve worked in a variety of fields across Riot, so whatever your interests, ask away! After the Q&A is over, we'll also be continuing the conversation at our ​​official [201​6​ NA Summer Internship thread](​ ​on LinkedIn. ​​**Inahri​​** - ​Visual ​Effects ​​**Hexadriven​​** - Visual Development ​​**TweEeak​​** - Riot Brand ​& Communications ​​**Riot Glyceroll​​** - NA Publishing ​​**Blueberry Pie** - Central Community Programs ​​**Riot CombatCube​​** - ​Big Data​ ​​**Iniquus​​** - Insights **Lïghtnìng** - eCommerce ​​**Riot Mijumaru​​** - Research ​​**Riot A Mellon​​** - ​Research ​​**Photronic​​** - ​Software ​Engineering ​​**Riot Kyrrie​​** - Software Engineering ​​**Riot Buzzelli​​** - Software Engineering ​​**Riot Gentium​​** - ​Software Engineering **Riot DaGuava** - Software Engineering

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