Why do people let words hurt them?

I will likely be downvoted but I am looking for a real discussion here. I also want to point out that I am not arguing that flamers and online harassment and shit is okay. If a person does something against Riot's rules they should be reported for it... but I don't see why people let it hurt them. A flamer's only 'weapon' against you are their words and words cannot hurt you unless you let them. So why do people let words hurt? If someone calls you trash why do you let it upset you? You are letting empty words from a completely anonymous stranger bother you... I have played since perseason 1 and have encountered trolls just as bad if not worse than most players. I have encountered absolute racists, homophobes and people that make death threats and hope your family gets cancer and/or dies. Yeah, those people are annoying and shit but nothing they have ever said to me has ever hurt me because it is impossible unless I let it. My Dad died a few years back and I had a player make the comment "I hope your parents die" a few days after he died and even then it didn't hurt me. I told him "My Dad is dead" and he replied something like "Good because he hates you". I reported him for harassment but it never hurt me. Every day I see people get upset at people that say things as simple as 'you suck'. These players then get in an argument with someone over a statement in a video game. "Someone hurt my feelings so I am going to try to hurt them back"... It just doesn't make sense. "ggez" is a very common issue with this. Yes, it is punishable and it a show of very poor sportsman ship but why do people let those four letters upset them so much. I had a player say "burn in hell you %%%got" after someone said 'ggez' to them. They got so hurt by four letters that they replied with something worse. Wait-what? If someone says you suck and need to uninstall why do you let that bother you? Yes, this person is being a dick and should be reported but what good does it do you to get upset? If someone says they hope you get hurt or die why let this bother you? People saying that should be actively banned by Riot but you know that kid would never have the balls to say that in real life no matter how big or scrawny you are. They are empty words by a nobody and you are letting them hurt you. There is a thing in this world where people talk shit on others and try to upset others because they then feel better in comparison. If you let it hurt you then you are giving them exactly what they crave. I clearly do not think the same way others do so I want input from people who do get upset by words. I want to know why? Why do words hurt you? Does it help you? Is there any benefit to it?
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