Best thing to tell your support.

Recently I became a support main, going back to my favorite roll ever. It's the most fun for me. I enjoy being the support, and helping somebody else get fed, instead of getting fed myself. I've also noticed that we supports, we get beat up a LOT, often times by our own adc. But recently, I met an adc in solo que, that after some though, I realized he gave me the best compliment ever. I'll admit him and I had an unusually good game(and several more since) We did not add eachother after the first game, and a few minutes later I queued up, and he was actually in my team again! This is where it actually surprised me. Because when we saw me in champion select, he said "Oh thank god. I waited a few minutes to que up because I did not want to risk laning against you, so glad you're on my team again" Now, after some thought, I determined that was the nicest thing I've ever had an adc say to me. He literally said that he was delaying himself playing a game he enjoys, because he did not want to face me as an enemy, because he did not think he could beat me. That made me strive to perform because feeling that good, carries into your play. Since then we have played 6 games, won all of them. I don't know a single thing about them. Their gender, age, nationality, race. We have voice coms, but we don't even use them. We hardly type during games, but we always do well. So to all you ADCs out there, sometimes just giving a compliment can make a great difference in how your support plays for you. And to my fellow supports, if you run into an ADC that actually does compliment you, don't take it for granted. The league community is bad enough. And my experience with this person in the last few days has drastically improved my attitude. Even when I'm playing solo, and people have a bad game, I give compliments, and ideas, and don't break them down now. I tell them nicer things, and honestly, I've been having WAY more come-back victories. So remember everybody, sometimes, when you want to say toxic shit to people for not doing well. We have all been there, and I know I'd rather have somebody try to help me, instead of breaking me down farther. It could save your elo.
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