Boards Org changes + new sub-boards live!

The changes detailed in our [last post]( are now live! The full changelist: **New Sub-Boards** * **Player Behavior & Moderation** - A dedicated place for discussing behavior measures (both in-game and on the Boards) as well as more easily getting in-touch with Rioters to have conversations about disciplinary actions. * **Dev Corner** - The Gameplay team is piloting a space in which Rioters can kick off set-piece discussions with players around topics past and present. Thread posting is limited to Rioters, so the place is going to be specifically built around designers proactively reaching out to talk about projects they're taking on, state of the game updates, retrospective dev blogs, or even regular 'office hours' to shoot the shit. **Archived Sub-Boards** * Tips & Tricks (now part of Gameplay) * Maps & Modes (now part of Gameplay) * Sound & Music (now part of Story, Art, & Sound) * Community Creations (now part of Concepts & Creations) * League Videos (split between various sub-boards) * Fantasy LCS (removed from sidebar, still active / reachable through Fantasy LCS site) * Announcements (simply duplicates news content & comments so cleaning up the redundancy) **Renamed Sub-Boards** (for clarity / inclusiveness given removals) * Gameplay & Balance > Gameplay * Story & Art > Story, Art, & Sound * Skins & Champion Concepts > Concepts & Creations As a note, archived boards have simply been locked to new posting and removed from the sideboard, so they still exist at their previous addresses (for now). Feel free to copy any *in-progress* conversations located on inactive sub-boards over to new locations where desired. The sidebar has been updated to reflect these changes and group sub-boards a little more clearly into conversation spaces, 'red-zones,' & utility spaces. Finally, we've posted updated [Universal Rules]( (mostly aimed at greater clarity, no significant rule changes) and moved them to the sidebar to free up some sticky space. If you're not familiar with the Rules, now's a great time to check them out and make sure we're all on the same page. Several members of the Boards team are around to chat about these updates, so feel free to share any thoughts or questions!
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