@RIOT Today EA closed the Dawngate, Riot please be a pal to Waystone Games. PLEASE RIOT!

Today EA closed one of my favorite MOBA's, Dawngate. It was a well designed game albeit some issues, and a possible competitor to League given time. However, EA wasn't interested in giving it the time to grow and has cancel development. With the canceling of Dawngate also comes the dissolving of Waystone games, and reassignment. The folks over at Waystone are talented, hard working, passionate, and dedicated people. They know MOBA's and have the skills and knowledge to be successful given the opportunity. Riot, these developer deserve better then to end up doing soulless EA MEGACORP work and they would fit right in with the Riot crowd. If you have openings in any of positions, PLEASE reach out and grab the Waystone Games staff.
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