@IronStylus; Any possibility of an Olaf VU?

His model's becoming more and more dated as time goes by, and while he may not need it as bad as say, Pantheon, Taric or Sion, he definitely *does* need an update. My main questions are; When can we expect an Olaf VU? Is it on your radar for eventual VUs? What would you change about Olaf's appearance, if anything? Personally, I'd try to make him look more "savage", and fitting in with the theme of appearance the other Winter's Claw members share in terms of armor. Right now, for a member of Sejuani's army, he looks totally foreign from them, and while technically, he *is,* he could use a new outfit that cements his new Freljord heritage. I was thinking maybe some plate or chain armor, to help solidify his role as a bruiser and frontline fighter. Also, I'm not a fan of the metal, segmented horns on his helmet. IMO, they look too "modern" for a barbarian. Horns are a great addition to a Viking's helmet, if historically inaccurate, and are iconic to the modern "Viking" image, but maybe not metal. How about regular animal horns, or maybe even blue ice horns, like Sejuani's helmet? Or would that be stepping into Sejuani's visual territory? Would a new voice-over be added to give Olaf more quotes and interactions with other League champions? I feel like Olaf would have a lot to say about the other Freljordian champions, namely his 'rivals' in Tryndamere and Trundle. Also, when his VU eventually does come out, will anything be done to make Brolaf feel more legendary as a skin? Maybe a unique recall animation to the skin, or some more quotes, interactions, etc.? Last but not least, what are Olaf's relationships with other League champions? Probably something you can't answer, but I like to feel that Olaf and Sejuani have more than just a business relationship, 'na sayin'? Thank you for your time, here's a Viking for your trouble.{{champion:2}}
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