League Saved My Life

I don't post much on here, but I just wanted to share my story. 2016 was probably one of the worst years of my life. My mother spiraled into a horrible addiction to alcohol and my step father became severaly abusive to me mentally. I began to feel worthless and like an overall piece of shit, as if everything was my fault. My home became extremely unstable, and I would stay in my room for hours at a time because I was terrified to interact with my parents. Sometimes the entire day on weekends. When everything around me was falling apart, when I couldn't sleep because fights between my parents would last until four in the morning, League was there. I began to slip up in school, my home environment became a huge distraction. I honestly became so emotionally detached from school and lost all motivation. I thought a lot about suicide but never attempted it. Things like thinking about the future, other family members, and even League kept me from going that far. To me League was an escape, it became my new home. My true home was broken, in shambles. But none of that mattered because League didn't judge me, it welcomed me with open arms. I'm doing much better now. I moved in with my dad and he's been very supportive. I go to a new school that I actually enjoy a lot. I still play League, just not as much as I did. I guess part of the reasoning behind posting this now is because I know a lot of people have been complaining about the overall balance state and how broken things seem right now. So I kind of wanted to remind everyone that despite everything going on, it truly is an amazing game and Riot provided a home for all of us.
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