"It's just a Game..." why this phrase is worst than anything else.

When entering any mode in League of Legend the goal is generally to do your best for both your benefit and the benefit of your team, bar of course maybe the odd custom game here or there. Usually playing with 1 or 2 friends at a time, there are of course the 2-4 random players I am paired with when playing my usual temporarily available game-type (in this case hexakill) or a good o' aram. Quite nearly 90% of the games I've played in the past week have resulted in losses, mostly due to feeding or other players refusing to allow someone to play a champion and inevitably doing very poorly with that champion. Now of course there is room for error, everyone makes them, but even when trying to convey some sort of advice in chat, the phrase "It's just a game," almost always pops up. Of course it's a game, i am playing it after all. But to everyone I've seen use this phrase, it means "here's my excuse for not putting in an earnest effort to not just win, but to help others enjoy their experience as well." The simple utterance of this phrase which used convey at least good intentions no longer seems to do so in the League community. If you are going to state, hey this is just a game, then PLAY the game especially since you are playing it with others, especially if they are strangers who may not enjoy your unconventional or disruptive antics as much as your friends. Now i am wording this much more kindly then most probably feel about this subject, but I just want to establish a frustration that I am sure is shared between a lot more players than just myself and a few friends. Reply if you know the feeling bros!
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